Top 10 Infographics for Small Businesses

I love a good infographic and bet you do you too. So I’m sharing my list of favorite infographics for small businesses. I think they will delight, educate, enlighten, and amuse you.

  1. A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way – In this graphic by corporate social network Kudos, we see powerful stats about what truly matters to employees: being valued. Once they feel that appreciation and engagement, their productivity and contributions soar.


  1. Your Definitive Guide To Influencing People Over The Phone – Designed primarily for those making sales calls, the tips and statistics in this graphic can help you be more effective on any phone call you make in your business or personal life. It was created by the negotiation experts at The Gap Partnership.


  1. 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have – The marketing experts at Hubspot explain that since most people arrive at your website via its homepage, it’s crucial that it does a good job of converting those visitors into leads and sales. These 12 elements are essential for accomplishing that goal.


  1. How To Tell If Your Website Sucks! – With more help for your website, Ecreative Internet Marketing presents the most common website errors in the categories of design, usability and SEO.


  1. The New Face of SEO – While this graphic is already a few years old, it sheds light on some of the changes we’ve already seen in search engine optimization. As David Johnson of Epiphany Marketing (now known as Grow the Dream) points out on his blog where I found the graphic, search engine success ultimately comes down to having website content that provides value to your audience.


  1. 12 Reasons To Implement a Visual Content Marketing Campaign – Have you ever wondered why infographics like these are so popular? This graphic by Digital Marketing Philippines presents 12 compelling reasons, with research and stats to back them up.


  1. Inbound Marketing Rising – With a sub-heading that reads “The dawn of marketing you won’t hate,” this graphic from Voltier Digital does an excellent job of explaining the difference between “old school” and “new school” marketing. Look it over and you’ll soon be convinced that inbound marketing is not only more effective, it even costs less than traditional methods.


  1. Troubleshooting Inbox Placement – What is inbox placement and why does it matter to your small business? Inbox placement is the difference between your message landing in someone’s primary screen in their email browser, or being banished to the SPAM folder. The experts at Email Delivered present seven steps to solve your email delivery issues.


  1. 10 Tips for Sales Hiring – If you’re ready to hire your first salesperson or add to your existing team, Salesforce has some quick, helpful tips in this graphic.


  1. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Checklist for LinkedIn – This graphic from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions guides you through the most important steps and tools you need to get results for your company on LinkedIn. Find out if you are a marketing maverick, an influencer extraordinaire, or a sophisticated marketer.


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