What Are People Saying About Working with Vania?


We continue to see increases from the processes you
implemented more than 2 years ago.

Ed Diamond

I just thought I’d tell you that your work has stood the testament of time, I cannot believe how thorough and complete your work was. We use the FAQs, policies, live event templates and it is all so neat and tidy. In my 25 years and 4 months of business I have developed a pretty keen sense of great work, good work and poor work. Your work was great and is standing the test of time, the processes that you put together in 2011-2012 are in use and continue to grow and flourish in the company because they were well thought through, well organized and the staff was trained to use them and to continue development. Specifically we collect 97.5% of the declined first charges because of the automation and processes you created, 83% of our receivables, the refunds are under 15% (industry standard is 23% at our price point) and the technology for membership never breaks. The procedures and FAQ’s ensure that we are able to work with our outsourced call center in an organized and systematic manner. Thank you for having been such a great addition to this company, I am personally thrilled that you are now able to share you expertise with others and assist them in running great businesses.

Ed Diamond Diamond Law Center, LLC

Vania is an effective communicator with strong organizational skill.

Vania excels at quickly implementing complex technical solutions.

Mary Beltrami, Owner, Coherence Coaching

I have known Vania for over five years, and as General Manager for Roop Enterprises, Inc., she successfully lead a team of professionals both internal to the company as well as contracted staff such as myself in my role as a performance coach within the organization. Vania possesses a rare quality in management today; she is both a strong leader yet she is highly collaborative and cooperative with those she engages. She is a highly effective communicator and interacts easily with all types of people. Her strong organizational skills and ultra keen eye for detail make her well suited for any work requiring such strengths.

Frank Curtin, The Launch Institute

I had the opportunity to work with Vania while conducting a product launch for a client of mine. Vania has not only demonstrated the ability to quickly implement complex technical solutions, but also has shown her high level of knowledge repeatedly. I can attest to the impeccable work she does and can attest to her competency in making technology work together. Her marketing and business acumen is outstanding, and as you can tell, I'm highly recommending that you utilize the services of Vania. You will be thanking me later...

Her knowledge shortened our implementation time from months to weeks.

Vania set up my complex marketing
system so it works seamlessly.

Phong Dang Phong Dang, Wealth Classes, Inc.

I hired Vania to help us migrate our data and process from SalesForce.com to Infusionsoft. She came highly recommended by many folks in our industry and they were all right on. She is highly professional and very sharp when it comes to Infusionsoft configuration. She knew so much about Infusionsoft that she alone helped shorten our implementation time from months to weeks. She has been such an invaluable resource during our implementation phase that she continues to work with us as our Infusionsoft guru. Whenever we have an Infusionsoft question, she is our go to person. She has also helped to train my entire team on Infusionsoft as well. Vania is a great person to have on your team.

Dr. Robert Fenell Dr. Robert Fenell, Hand and Foot Clinics Of America

Vania has really helped me tremendously in kicking off my business using Infusionsoft. My needs are rather complex in that I market for multiple businesses each with its own separate branding and separate customer lists but with overlapping marketing copy. She was able to set everything up to work seamlessly with no confusion between brands. She successfully set everything up in a timely fashion and has been managing day to day operations. She has also shown me how to do specific operations within Infusionsoft via a screen share tutorial. I would definitely recommend Vania!

Richard Roop

I first hired Vania as my Executive Assistant, then promoted her to Project Manager, and then let her manage the overall operations of my company. I have watched her grow over 13 years into a highly professional and talented business woman. Great results, high integrity, and creative. You'd be lucky to have her on your team.

Richard Roop, RichardRoop.com
Julia Jordan

I know this is intended to be professional... but you cannot help but love Vania! She is the most organized, efficient, forward thinking, solution oriented, dedicated, focused, thoughtful [person] I know! It was an absolute pleasure working with her!

Julia Jordan, Wealth Classes, Inc.
Cortney Jones

Vania exhibits exceptional communication and process centered skills. She is highly capable of creating, implementing and following a thorough process plan that ensures maximum revenue generation and accountability. She is customer focused and an excellent communicator.

Cortney Jones, Roop Enterprises, Inc.
Marc Hoffmann

In working with Vania, I was able to observe that she did what she said and said what she did. Vania had great follow up and follow through skills critical in management and leading teams. She was self motivated and self disciplined. It was a pleasure working with Vania over the course of 5 years.

Marc Hoffmann, Performance Coach
Pamela Tufts

Vania is a producer of excellent work with an ever-present cheerful countenance and a well balanced sense of responsibility to her company and her customers. She is extremely efficient and knowledgeable.

Pamela Tufts, Entrepreneur
Tracy Caywood

Vania is one of the friendliest people that I've worked with. She is patient and great personal skills. Vania is also very professional, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. She is thorough in her job, and doesn't leave any end untied. I will always be happy to work with Vania.

Tracy Caywood, Yellow Letters Complete

I wouldn't know how to get around InfusionSoft without her!

An eye for detail, great problem solver.

Vania is a very efficient... well organized and is great at managing projects and people. She has an eye for detail and knows how to get the job done. Very good at handling issues and problem solving. I highly recommend Vania.

Keith Young, InnerGameMagic.com

Vania helped me implement Infusionsoft for my online business. She was very helpful and patient with all of my questions. Together we were able to create a campaign that will be very beneficial for my business. I would not know how to get around Infusionsoft without her. Thanks!

Grant P, GolfConditioningNow.com

Honest, hard working & super skilled.

Highly professional & dedicated.

We've had lots of positive feedback concerning Vania's work with iMember360/InfusionWP.
She's highly professional, dedicated and knows her stuff!

Bob Keen, iMember360.com

I've worked with Vania for over 5 years and she is top rate. She is everything you hope for but rarely find: honest, hard working and super skilled.

Dan Doran, DanDoranTheMarketingMan.com

Vania always goes the extra mile.

Very patient & helpful.

Vania did a great job of training us. She was very patient and helpful. We would recommend her without hesitation.

Paul B Schlimme, WeekendDirectionalSigns.com

I had the pleasure of working with Vania for many years as a primary marketing source for students. She always went the extra mile... to take care of clients and vendors.

Karen Collingwood, Account Executive