Business Is Personal!

Vania website photoWhat I care about has everything to do with what I do. For more than half of my childhood I grew up in a house my great grandfather built. His company built brick houses and he built one for my grandmother and one right next door for her sister, my great aunt. As a family we appreciated his workmanship and the legacy he left behind for us. I was lucky to know him for a brief while.

Shortly after I started my first business, in my twenties, my grandmother decided to tell me about how hard it was for her father to run his own business. She remembered him spending a lot of time at his desk working on managing everything from financial papers to schedules to building plans. She told me it would probably be hard for me too and asked if I was sure that’s what I wanted.

My grandmother, God rest her soul, had been an English teacher. Well, once an English teacher always an English teacher. My gram was really proud of me every time I got a raise or a new higher paying job. She wasn’t sure about this business thing.

Since that conversation, I’ve owned several businesses, been General Manager and Operations Manager of several multi-million dollar small businesses that other people owned, and most recently, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses to automate their salesm marketing, and work flow processess.

Continue reading to learn about my mission and what it means for small businesses worldwide.

Our Company Values

We believe small businesses have BIG impact!
So this is how we show up for ourselves, our clients, our teammates, and our partners.


We care about what we do and that transfer to everyone we come in contact with. We don’t decide to care, it is the natural result of how invested we are in our work.


We measure competence as being able to do something that meets, if not surpasses, the intended deliverable. We care about our agreements with others and use our Care to ensure we are always offering our competent best.


We face challenges with optimism. We know they come with the territory and that there’s a pathway through every problem.


Curiosity is an asset in business; it questions the status quo. A curious mind is wondering about how things can be improved or done in a more innovative manner.

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

The combination of the first three qualities built on a foundation of curiosity is the perfect balance for what we do. Finding the balance in each one of us is at the essence of what we teach business owners to do every day.

We're On A Mission!

Your Business Is Inside YouWe are small business champions! Our mission is to END ENTREPRENEURIAL BURNOUT (EEB) by helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and visionary thought leaders grow businesses that are healthy, happy, and high performing, so you can increase your positive impact on the world without sacrificing your health and personal life.

We provide competent and curious coaches and service partners who care about small business success and challenging the status quo that is preventing growth and scalability.

Good Management

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”

- Paul Hawken


Let Automation
Lighten The Load!


Your Business Automation
Success Story Inside


What are people saying about working with Vania...

We continue to see increases from the processes...

Specifically we collect 97.5% of the declined first charges because of the automation and processes you created, 83% of our receivables, the refunds are under 15% (industry standard is 23% at our price point) and the technology for membership never breaks. I am personally thrilled that you are now able to share you expertise with others and assist them in running great businesses.

Ed Diamond
Diamond Law Center

EMyth Business Truth:

There are no silver bullets.
Because your business is not a werewolf.