Launching Your Infusionsoft Campaign and Measuring Results


Your tests are finally successful. Are you ready to launch? All of your patience, hard work, and preparation is about to pay off. This is an exciting moment!

It’s time to PUSH THE BUTTON! That’s right, it’s time to click that PUBLISH button!Very-excited-kid

Once your campaign has been published it will automatically revert to Performance view each time you open it. To get back to Edit View, simply click the Edit tab.

Your campaign goals will determine how people get into your campaign unless you’re adding existing contacts directly via an Action. If the entry point is a web form or landing page and you want to add the form code or page link to your website, you’ll need to do that before people can enter your campaign. Likewise, if an order triggers the campaign; the order link will need to be made accessible to your intended audience and they will need to place their order prior to being added to the campaign.

If you’re using a tag goal to trigger your campaign, you can either manually apply the tag to a saved list of contacts or have another campaign automatically apply the tag when a specific goal or event happens within that campaign. Better than a tag goal is a note template goal. You can use it to the same way you would use a tag goal: as a start or stop trigger in a campaign. But the best thing about note template goals is that they can be easily re-applied over and over again. Where tags can only be applied once and then need to be removed before they can be reapplied again.


Campaign performance reporting in Infusionsoft happens right in the campaign itself. After your campaign has been publish your automatically routed to the campaign performance view. This will also be the case each time you log in. You can still edit your campaign, but since you’ll be in performance view by default, you’ll need to click the edit tab to switch to edit view. Easy stuff!

measuring successWhen viewing your campaign in performance view, you’ll be able to see statistics on how many people completed each goal, received each email, etc. You’ll be able to see at which stage they are in an email series/sequence, if needed.

The most powerful and insightful information comes from seeing which of 2 or more available paths are taken by the most people. That and also being able to compare statistics from difference sequences. For example, comparing your ebook optins to your video series optins to see which one 1) got more leads and 2) which one produced more sales. Of course you’ll also want to determine which one yielded more revenue, but that will need to be done outside of the campaign builder.

Checking in on campaign performance and measuring it against other campaigns or sequences as well as against itself will help you identify trends in optin behavior and buying behavior. Making small changes to improve performance is highly recommended. Split-testing a great way to get some quick results. Infusionsoft isn’t set up for split testing, but it can be done anyway. Infusionsoft’s former VP of Marketing, Tyler Garns, has a great split-testing campaign you can set up to managing splitting your list and adding them to separate sequences. This is one of the most organized ways of doing it and it evenly splits up your list, which is important for a true split-test.

Performance can always be improved, so keep testing against your best performer to see if you can beat your best results. Once you do, that becomes your new best. And you’ll set out, once again, to beat it. It’s a wonderful cycle that reveals the very best (lead magnet, optin in follow up, or sales message), all based on performance. We can employ all the theory we can muster, but the real proof is in the results.


Infusionsoft User Guide: this is a great resource. I highly recommend book marking it. You’ll find videos in the video library, but the UG also includes written explanations that you can quickly review.

Infusionsoft Video Library: I LOVE the video library! Infusionsoft does a great job of showing small business love by providing this extensive video library. It’s virtually your training center for all your new employees who will be working in your Infusionsoft app. If you’re already familiar with this particular area of the app, visit the instructions to compare them to how you may already have something set up.

Here are some specific link from the User Guide that I think you’ll find particularly helpful when working in the campaign builder specifically.

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Set up rules that route contacts to a specific sequence when there are multiple paths

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How do I evaluate campaign effectiveness?

Performance reporting in the campaign builder


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