How-To Videos, Printable Manuals, and Ninja Tricks!

Get Expert Help With Your Next Steps!

Need additional help, training and support? Work with an experienced expert. I have over 8 years of Infusionsoft experience and over 20 years of Operations Management experience. As a consultant, I’ve worked in many industries and can tell you what’s working and what’s not.

Get up and running faster using my experience, expertise and best practices. It spans across several platforms besides Infusionsoft, including CustomerHub, iMember360, AppointmentCore, FixYourFunnel, WordPress, OptimizePress, plus more.

There are 3 different ways we can work together, depending on your needs and timeline. I offer Completely Done For You Services, Done With You Guidance and Training, and Do It Yourself Training Courses. You’ll see more information about each of them to the right. Take a look and if interested, take the next steps.

Let’s turn your vision into reality. You can do it and I can help you!

I Want the Work Done For Me +

Expert Implementers
My team and I are at your service for any part of the implementation process or we can manage the entire process for you. Most business owners prefer to have us handle their entire implementation so they can continue running the day to day operations while we’re setting up and testing new campaigns, work flow processes, and eCommerce.

Additional Expertise
We’re experts in CustomerHub and Gro Social, as well as many 3rd-party plugins, like FixYourFunnel and AppointmentCore. We can also help integrate outside software with your Infusionsoft. Ask about our Infusionsoft Certified Developers (ICDs).

Pre and Post-Project Calls
Our done-for-you services include a 60 minute Kick-off Call at the beginning of the project and a 60 minute Review Call to walk you through the work that was completed and show you how to make updates and changes if needed. I record the calls and send you the videos so you can use them for future reference or training.

How To Get Started…
Click below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your project, get some expert advice, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Talk soon!

I Want Us To Do It Together +

Learn and Implement at the same time
This is my favorite way to work! It’s a combination of consulting, training, and implementing.

Done-With-You works like this:

  • You define project or goal, like setting up your lead capture campaign.
  • I guide you through the steps to accomplish the project on a 60-90 minute meeting call. We share screens and I record the call and send you the video.
  • Sometimes, depending on the project, you’ll have homework to complete before our next call. Many of the processes that we set up in Infusionsoft have multiple steps, and sometimes redundant steps, that once shown how to do it once can be completed off the call.
  • When your homework is completed, we have another call to review next steps and proceed with implementing the project. We move at your pace. There’s no expiration of services to worry about.
  • Your training also includes expert business advice and best practices for getting optimal results.
  • The videos from your training can also be used to train your staff to set up similar campaigns or processes for you in the future.

Of course, if you neither have the time nor the inclination to do the work yourself, I’m happy to do it all for you. If this is what you prefer, look for more information under the I Want It Done-FOR-Me section. Otherwise…

Here’s how to get started with done-with-you services
Click below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your project, get some expert advice, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Talk soon!

I Need Additional Training To Do It Myself +

Looking for step-by-step instructions for setting up your Infusionsoft? Could you use a list of best practices, must-dos, and ninja tricks to help you out?

I offer online training courses for you and your staff on how to best set up the different areas of your application. 

I combined my 8+ years of Infusionsoft and Marketing experience with my 20+ years of Operations Management and Work-Flow Process Development experience and created a video training series that goes beyond what you find in the Infusionsoft User Guide and Video Library.

The courses are divided up by area of the application but also by common objectives.

Click the button below to find out more information and view the different course packages.