Business Automation Strategies

Just what is business automation and what are its advantages? Business automation is a means of optimizing various aspects of a business with the goal of reduced costs and increased profits. Small businesses especially find that automated systems help them reduce costs of operation, reduce operating errors, increase efficiency, increase their customer base, and make more money.

The most common method of business automation today is to use computer programs, usually stored on the cloud, to effectively and efficiently process data. Before you start, you will need to review all aspects of your operation and then apply automation where it will be most effective.

It’s important to work with an experienced expert to set up your business automation system – someone who can work closely with you to strategically and effectively set up your automation systems.

Together with this expert, you’ll use process mapping and documentation tools to set up your business automation system and other strategies. Then they will work to automate processes such as gathering leads and automatically converting those same leads to paying customers.

A well-designed system such as Infusionsoft will automate lead capture as well as distribution, your sales funnel and lead management, email or direct mail marketing, order fulfillment, credit card billing and collections, customer follow-up, upselling and cross selling, and customer satisfaction reports. All of these things are handled routinely, automatically, and cost-effectively.

A streamlined business saves time and money. Although it does have a cost, business automation is rarely actually an expense. It truly belongs on the asset side of the balance sheet. Think return on investment. Then think business automation.

An automated and efficient business gains predictable results and satisfied customers. Happy customers come back and invite their friends. As well, business owners with automated businesses systems have more peace of mind that things are being handled as they should. They can actually step away from the business more, without having to worry about the business.

Use automation to make your business run more efficiently and more profitably. Get more sales leads and convert a larger portion to paying customers. Take the fuss and bother out of billing and collections. Find time for a personal life while your business grows, profits increase, and headaches disappear.

By now you can see how passionate I am about the benefits of business automation. This is an area in which I have a lot of expertise. If you’re interested in learning more about how it works, I’m happy to answer any questions you have. You can schedule a free telephone consultation with me at, or use the contact form below.


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