5 Free Apps To Help You LOVE Infusionsoft Even More

Love is in the air and who doesn’t love Infusionsoft plugins that save you time, keep you organized, and are simple to use? I did say FREE, right? 🙂

If you’re not already familiar with these apps, here are more details, along with links to learn more or download them:

1. Snap for Infusionsoft

If you attend networking events or social events, it takes time and effort to gather all the cards you’ve collected and manually enter the contact data into Infusionsoft. How often have you had the best intentions of following up but just never got those contacts added to your database? If you’re like me, it’s happened more than you care to admit. ;)This handy app is available for Apple and Android devices and allows you to take a snapshot of a business card, or even a handwritten note on a piece of paper or a cocktail napkin. Real human beings get to work transcribing the contact information and then add it directly to your Infusionsoft application within 15-30 minutes. Cool, right? 😉

Snap by Infusionsoft

What if your new contact doesn’t have a business card? No problem, just open the Snap app and manually add their information to your Infusionsoft.

Not only can you add contacts directly to your Infusionsoft, the app also allows you to apply tags to them. This is a great way to automatically trigger follow up campaigns you’ve already set up in advance.

Think about how much time this will save you when you return from a live event with 20-30 business cards!

Ready to get the app? Head over to the Apple Store or Google Play to find and download the app. It’s easy to get started and the functionality is fairly intuitive. But if you get stuck or want to see more information about how it works, check out this link to learn more.

2. Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail

This is another favorite I use often. It functions in a sidebar widget within your Gmail account and syncs directly with Infusionsoft, making it incredibly easy to create a contact record when someone new emails you.

Sync for Gmail

It will also automatically find and display existing contact record details for email senders who are already in your Infusionsoft, so you can easily see what information you already have on record for them, such as their phone number.

What’s really handy is Sync’s ability to add the incoming email message, as well as your reply, to the Infusionsoft contact record email history so that other users can easily view the correspondence, if needed. This saves you the time of having to forward emails to other users.

You can also add notes right from the sidebar, or apply an Infusionsoft tag to trigger a follow up campaign.
As of the time of this writing, Gmail Sync only works with the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Here’s more information about what Sync can do and how to use it. If you’re ready to try, click here for installation instructions.


3. Infusionsoft Sync for Outlook

This is similar to the Gmail Sync app but for Outlook users.As of the time of this writing it’s only available for Windows computers. Learn more about how Sync works in Outlook, or click here for installation instructions.

Sync for Outlook


4. Infusionsoft Web Analytics

Similar to Google Analytics, Infusionsoft’s analytics uses a tracking code placed on your website to track and record data on your website visitors. But unlike Google Analytics, your Infusionsoft analytics is able to create visitor records within your Infusionsoft app, giving you one central place to view the data.

Also, when the visitor makes themselves known by signing up for your lead magnet, freebies, products, or anything else that requires them to submit their contact information, Infusionsoft merges their visitor record, tracked by their IP address, with their newly created contact record to consolidate all of their information into one record.

Web analytics

Infusionsoft Web Analytics is not a replacement for Google Analytics but rather an accompaniment. It can be useful to see data such as what operating system and web browser your visitors use, what their screen resolution is, and which pages they visited on your website, all from within their contact record.This helps you see what their activity was prior to their opt in or shopping cart order, which can be very useful for gauging what deterred or encouraged the contact’s actions. This data provides you with a comprehensive picture of marketing results so you know what’s working and what’s not. Follow these instructions to add Infusionsoft Web Analytics to your website.

5. Novak Solutions Health Check Dashboard

This is an awesome tool for tracking important data from your Infusionsoft app, without actually having to set it up yourself because it’s all done for you. This is a third-party app created and owned by a reputable service provider; it is not owned by Infusionsoft.Novak Solutions used their expert programming superpowers to create a dashboard that displays data from your app in a way that Infusionsoft just isn’t able to.

As they explain, “Our free Health Check automation helps you find problems before they become problems. The statistics and metrics it provides will help you make smart business decisions. Automatically get the number of cancellations you’ve had, the dollar amount of sales, find contacts that are missing a lead source, and more.”

Healthcheck dashboard

The Novak Solutions Health Check Dashboard allows you to track nine key performance indicators for four different time intervals. The time intervals are: today so far, yesterday, month to date, and last month. You can also see how your data compares to the same day last week, same day last month, and month before. Here is a screen shot example of one report:

Here’s the full list of available stats:

  • Payments Received
  • Subscription Revenue
  • $ from New Orders
  • Contacts without Lead Sources
  • Contacts without Tags
  • New Contacts
  • New Orders
  • Active Subscriptions
  • Unpaid Active Subscriptions

If having instant access to this data would be helpful to you, sign up for your free copy of the Health Check Dashboard here.

As part of the sign-up process, you’ll be required to share your Infusionsoft API Key with Novak Solutions so they can create your dashboard and sync it to your Infusionsoft app. They usually only need to 24 hours to make this happen. Once everything’s set up, they’ll send you the go-ahead along with your custom login URL.

A helpful feature of this service is that you won’t have to remember another username and password. You can use the same credentials you use for your Infusionsoft app. And when you change your Infusionsoft password, the Health Check Dashboard will automatically update as well. They are always in sync.


I hope this article has helped you find more ways to LOVE your Infusionsoft, all while saving time, increasing productivity, and gaining access to some big-picture data.



1Vania Clark-Butler is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC) and self-proclaimed power user since 2005. Process oriented, she shares Infusionsoft best practices to help you get set up the right way to optimize your software. For fun, Vania enjoys cooking, kundalini yoga, business podcasts, and spending time outdoors with her husband and their two exuberant boxers exploring the Arizona desert.

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